Prototype Launched

HowSociable is now ready for you to test. We’ve only spent a week building it, so it’s not ready for lots of people to use and we know it won’t work 100% of the time.  However, we do think that it’s already at a point where it can provide some value to people that care about the visibility of their brand on the web.

We think the best way to build a web app is to get people using it as early as possible so that it can be shaped by their feedback.  You can share your ideas here: and vote on suggestions made by other users.


5 Responses to “Prototype Launched”

  1. Jon Says:

    You should use as well:

    Good work 🙂

  2. jlmarkwell Says:

    @Jon thanks for the suggestion about Omgili. We’re now tracking it here:

    We hope to add it soon.

  3. Richard Says:

    Great idea,

    It would be useful to benchmark against other brands; it would also be useful to have a guide as to what your index score ‘means’ in context of it’s social exposure.

    Great design too.


  4. Jonathan Markwell Says:

    @Richard glad to hear you like HowSociable!

    We’ve just written a post here: explaining what the visibility score currently means.

    We hope to add features so you can directly benchmark against other brands in the future.

  5. How Sociable Is Your Brand? | The Cheeky Marketeer Says:

    […] first prototype was only made available at the end of May, and even then they had “only spent a week building it” – HowSociable? has already ranked over 7500 brands as of approximately fifteen […]

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